Rivendell Newfoundlands



Rivendell Newfoundlands is located on a 125-acre organic farm deep in the heart of the Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas. The Little Buffalo River, largest tributary of the Buffalo National River,  bisects our land. Our Newfoundlands, water-lovers that they are, swim daily and are in top physical condition.

    We first started keeping Newfoundlands over 25 years ago and have been enamored of these gentle giants ever since. When we decided, after careful consideration, to breed these wonderful dogs, we searched long and hard for prime examples of the breed, focusing on characteristics such as temperament, conformation, and health that will, through their offspring, further improve the breed. We are involved in conformation as well as performance events including obedience, water rescue training and draft work, but with their famous gentle temperaments our dogs excel simply as companions and pets.


Our dogs are, first and foremost, our companions and part of our family. Our whelping room and nursery kennel are located in and attached to our home and our dogs and puppies are raised in our home with lots of love and attention. We are serious hobby breeders and not a commercial kennel or back-yard-breeder and we only produce one or two litters a year. We have four adult Newfies and our Golden Retriever, Nicky, the pack elder. We take our responsibilities as their caretakers seriously. Health is paramount and our dogs have undergone extensive health screenings to exclude the possibility of genetically transmissible problems including hip and elbow dysplasia, congenital heart and thyroid disease, and cystinuria (see our Health page) and are examined regularly by our vet. 



We recognize that there is no such thing as the “Perfect Dog” and we know that each dog has its strengths as well as its weaknesses. Our role as responsible breeders and caretakers of the breed is to continually, and with a hard eye, look for ways to strengthen and fix those positive attributes of our dogs and eliminate or minimize the negatives. Our goal in breeding is to work towards the Whole Dog -  the dog which, in addition to meeting the breed standard in terms of temperament, size, conformation and movement, also exemplifies the working dog, Besides being a gentle and loving companion, the ideal Newfoundland, in our opinion, should not only excel in the show ring but should be a true working dog and show its natural affinity for swimming and water rescue, carting and draft work, thus continuing the long tradition for which the breed was originally developed.  In our continuing efforts to improve our breeding program we will, when appropriate, seek out exceptional examples of the Newfoundland breed which we feel will compliment, strengthen and balance traits of our own dogs and move us toward  our goal of the Whole Dog.



In case you’re wondering about the names of our kennel and our dogs,, 35 years ago we named our home and farm, Rivendell, after the last home on the edge of the wilderness described in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”.  Bungo and Belladonna Baggins were the parents of Bilbo Baggins, the protagonist of the epic tale. A bit obscure perhaps, but appropriate, we thought, to describe a breeding line of wonderful dogs perfectly suited to life in the wilderness.

We only breed once or twice a year at the most. Our next litters are due in early June, 2012 with both black and Landseer puppies expected. See our Available page for more information.

    Please explore our website where you’ll find more information about our dogs including pedigrees and health clearances. If you have any questions please contact us.

                                                            Gordon and Susan Watkins

                                                            Parthenon, Arkansas



Welcome to the home of the Ozark Gentle Giants!


                Members of Newfoundland Club of America

                Members of Heart of America Newfoundland Club

                Members of  North Arkansas Kennel Club

                       NEXT LITTER EXPECTED JULY 1, 2013!

                                See our Available page and our Blog for details